Tours in Italy

  • Rome

    Italy's culturally and politically dynamic city and home to the Vatican city, offers students the perfect opportunity to  explore some of the world's most iconic landmarks, monuments, and museums.

  • Venice and Florence

    Discover the hidden treasures of Italy’s two most beautiful cities. Venice and Florence have been relatively untouched by modern intrusions and therefore this tour offers a unique exploration of the most complete and finest examples …

  • Bologna

    Known for its vibrant red-brick buildings, Bologna has one of Italy’s largest and best-preserved historic centers and known for it's iconic Due Torri towers, and almost 40km of sheltered corridors . It remains very much a university …

  • Venice

    Explore over 500 years of Venetian art on this study tour, from Venziano’s amazing altar pieces through to the golden age of Tintoretto and Titian and then venture into the 18thC with Canaletto. For those …