Environmental Policy

Studytrips is committed to ensuring that its operations take into account the possible impacts on the environment.

We will work towards:

• Ensuring that all relevant environmental legislation and regulation is applied
• Operating the business in an environmentally sensitive manner
• Purchasing environmentally friendly materials when appropriate
• Raising the awareness of staff so that everyone may be involved
• Reducing energy usage by increased energy efficiency
• Re-using or recycling waste when possible
• Using raw materials in a manner that reduces waste

We will aim for continuous improvement.

We can provide detailed carbon management reports and offer our clients the opportunity to offset Carbon emissions if they wish.

We embrace ABTA’s ‘Better Places’ initiative and actively engage with our key partners to create a better place to live and visit.

We are also fully committed to corporate responsibility and support a number of projects globally. One of our current projects is to help the Kichwa community of Sani Isla in the Ecuadorean Amazon. The community lives in some of the most biologically diverse rainforest in the world. Access to education is made difficult by inadequate options for river crossing, and the local school itself is understaffed and under resourced. Our sponsorship has helped provide solar panels to generate the electricity required to run the school.